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今天的就业市场看起来与十多年前有很大的不同. 如果你没有完成你的大学学位, the evolving job market provides an opportunity to go back to school and gain skills that will prepare you for the next stage of your career. 

然而,一些30岁的人觉得重返大学的想法令人生畏. Don’t worry; it’s increasingly common for individuals in their 30s to go back to school. 根据 高等教育编年史截至2019年秋季,超过2.30-39岁的大学生有300万人,占11%.占大学总入学人数的8%. 

It can actually be beneficial to get your degree in your 30s after gaining professional experience. 你的工作经验可以帮助你确定你喜欢什么, 你不知道什么, 以及大学教育可以帮助你解决的技能差距. 

如果你已经30多岁了,想要提高技能或者换工作, we’re here to help you find promising careers that will inspire you to take the plunge and go back to school.


30多岁重返校园可能会改变你长期事业的成功. 当今大多数发展最快的职业都需要学士学位. 


回到学校? 在这个免费的FAFSA报告的帮助下,确保你最大限度地利用你的经济援助.


We’我为30岁重返校园的年轻人列出了15个最适合的职业. 这些职位是根据其增长潜力而选择的, 工作稳定性和职业寿命, 这意味着他们是这个年龄段的理想人选吗. 每个职位都包括工资中位数和预计就业增长数据, 以及建议的教育和学位难度. 高 difficulty indicates that a degree requires highly specialized and technical skills—such as advanced mathematics or computer coding. 低 difficulty indicates that transferable skills—such as communication and critical thinking—play a large role in the degree coursework.

1. 运筹学分析师

Operations 研究 analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations solve challenges and make more informed decisions. 这些专业人士帮助分配资源, 制定生产计划, 管理供应链,制定价格.

2. 市场研究分析师

Market 研究 analysts study industry and competitive conditions to examine potential sales of a product or service. They help organizations determine what products people want, who will buy them and at what price.

3. 公共关系专家

公共 relations specialists create and sustain a favorable public image for the organization they represent. They develop media releases and social media programs to help shape public perception and increase awareness of the organization’s work and goals.

4. 人力资源专员

人力资源专家的职责范围很广. 他们招募、筛选、面试和雇用员工. 他们还处理员工关系以及薪酬、福利和培训.

5. 医疗卫生服务经理

医疗保健服务经理计划, 指导和协调医疗保健提供者的业务活动. 他们可能管理整个设施, 专业:特定的临床领域或部门或医生的医疗实践.

6. 信息安全分析师

Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks, 系统和数据. 随着网络攻击数量的增加, 他们的责任, 还有工作机会, 不断扩大. 

7. 筹款活动

筹款活动 organize events and campaigns to raise money and gather other donations for an organization. 他们还设计宣传材料,以提高对组织工作的认识, 目标和财务需求.

8. 培训和发展专家

培训和发展专家帮助制定计划, 行为, 管理培训员工的项目,以提高他们的技能和知识. 在当今技术先进的工作场所, 他们经常设计在线学习模块和课程材料.

9. 会议、会议和活动策划者

Meeting, convention and event planners arrange all aspects of events and professional gatherings. 他们会见客户以确定活动的目的, 与供应商或人才谈判合同, 处理一天的物流.

10. 行政服务和设施经理

行政服务和设施经理计划, 直接, 并协调帮助组织高效运行的活动. 通常, these professionals maintain facilities and supervise activities that include recordkeeping, 邮件分发和办公室维护.

11. 会计师和审计师

Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records for businesses and individuals, 以及识别潜在的金融机会和风险领域. They ensure that all records are accurate, data risks are evaluated, and taxes are paid properly. 

  • 工资中位数(BLS): $73,560 
  • 预计增长(2029年): 7%
  • 建议教育:会计学士学位
  • 教育难度:

12. 数字设计师

Digital designers are responsible for the look and user experience of a website or application. They develop, create and test website or interface layout, functions and navigation for usability.

13. 软件开发人员

软件开发人员设计计算机应用程序或程序. They are responsible for identifying the core functionality a user needs and system requirements, 以及编写代码来满足这些需求.

14. 运动生理学家 

Exercise physiologists develop fitness and exercise programs that help injured or sick patients recover. These programs are typically for patients with chronic diseases that need to improve fitness in areas such as cardiovascular function, 身体组成和柔韧性.

15. 社会和社区服务经理

Social and community service managers coordinate and supervise programs and organizations that support public well-being. 通常, these professionals work for organizations that focus on working with a particular demographic, 比如退伍军人, 或者具体的挑战, 比如药物滥用.


随着科技继续以指数级的速度发展, 你需要为未来做好准备. Going back to school in your 30s gives you the opportunity to gain new skills that will future-proof your career and help you join a thriving industry. 

Let’s look at 4 of the fastest growing industries that offer outsized opportunities for professionals in their 30s.

  • 专业、科技服务: Organizations in this industry provide highly technical or specialized services to clients. 这些组织提供各种各样的服务,包括咨询, 研究, 设计和技术——这是一个充满职业潜力的多元化行业.
  • 保健和社会援助: This industry includes organizations that provide medical and/or social services—including hospitals, 延伸护理设施, 非营利组织和政府机构. 人口老龄化, diverse healthcare needs and more accessible health insurance continue to spur growth in this industry. 
  • 公司及企业管理: Establishments in this industry perform strategic or organizational planning and decision making roles. Growth in this industry will require more professionals with strong business administration and management skills.
  • 金融保险: Companies in this industry primarily engage in raising funds by taking deposits and/or issuing securities, pooling risk by underwriting insurance and providing specialized financial services to clients. As this sector grows, finance and business analysis occupations will continue to trend higher.

With the right education and skills, opportunities in these sectors will continue to grow. 30岁以上的人重返校园, 这种增长提供了更高的盈利潜力, 未来的晋升机会和稳定的工作.


30岁对于获得学士学位或改变职业来说并不算太老. 然而, finding the right college for your unique needs is key to being successful as a 30-year-old college student. 

mg不朽情缘游戏网址 满足工作成年人的需要超过115年. mg不朽情缘游戏网址学生的平均年龄是34岁, which means you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers dedicated to advancing their education. mg不朽情缘试玩提供灵活的, online degree programs that can be completed on your schedule because your success depends on balancing your education with work, 家庭和其他优先事项.

看看mg不朽情缘游戏网址是为有工作的成年人而建的所有原因 以及mg不朽情缘试玩的各种各样 在线学士学位课程 能让你在一个蓬勃发展的行业中获得发展吗.

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